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However, we are living in the technical era but still, many of us do not have the paperless office, therefore the printers are still the necessity. If your Xerox Printer Support Phone Number is not working well and you have a little knowledge about it, then you can improve its speed, efficiency, and affordability. To lessen your worries, we have some useful tips from experts for Xerox Printer troubleshooting.

Before indulging yourself to resolve the complex Xerox printer issues, first, check whether your Xerox printer is power on, and properly connected to the computer. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to check the simple things.

Here are some of the common problems associated with Xerox Printers and the ways to troubleshoot them.

My Xerox Printer is showing an orange light
After checking the initial stage, you should check the solid display light. If the indicator is showing orange or blinking light that means the Xerox printer error. To resolve the specific error, go through the Xerox printer manual.

My Print is unable to print
Always remember your Xerox printer’s tray is loaded with the suitable amount of papers in a well-arranged manner. Check the inside of the Xerox printer to endure that there is no paper jam, it there is you must have to manually clean the things.

My Xerox Printer is creating ink related issues
Whenever your Xerox printer is showing such problem, it starts displaying the bilking orange color light. The first thing you have to check is your ink cartridges. If it is not filled enough, please refill your cartridge.

Install the latest Xerox printer drivers
Sometimes, it happens that your Xerox Printer Technical Support Phone Number is well connected to PC, but does not show a flashing light. In this situation, check your Xerox printer’s drivers. Maybe there is a need to reinstall or update them.

These are some of the common issues and the ways to fix them. But if your Xerox printer shows a particular error message which you are unable to understand, it is better to contact the authorized person for doing the Xerox Printer Troubleshooting.

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