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Companies in the financial sector know a thing or two about return on investment (ROI). The very nature of their business is predicated on looking at several different options and figuring out where money is most likely to generate more money—for themselves as well as their customers.

So when it came time for a large-enterprise banking company to put its money toward a new print management solution, which solution do you think it chose?

The independent research firm TechValidate recently surveyed this company to see if its investment in Kyocera Kyocera Printer Support Phone Number had been as successful as it had hoped. The resulting case study (TVID: AFD-A01-6BD) affirms that it definitely was.

This particular large-enterprise banking company had between 1,000 and 2,500 network Kyocera printers in its environment. These devices were distributed across as many as 25 sites. To accommodate that arrangement, the company was using a minimum of 26 print servers to manage its print environment. But print servers, as we know, can be inefficient and costly. So this company began looking at Kyocera Printer as a way to:

  • Deploy Kyocera printers without requiring scripting and group policy objects (GPOs)
  • Consolidate server infrastructure enterprise-wide
  • Manage drivers simply and quickly
  • Simplify routiney inter installation for its end users

It took just five days for this large-enterprise banking company to fully install Printer across the entire organization. And it just kept getting better from there. The company completely recovered its investment in Printer within three months. The reason for that rapid ROI came down to the following:

  • Its remote server infrastructure shrank by 70%
  • The time it was spending on print management also dropped by 70%
  • Print-related calls to the service desk were cut in half
  • Its usage of print consumables fell by 15%

Yet all those reductions amounted to much, much more savings over time. At the time of the TechValidate survey, this company had seen ROI of more than 300% after implementing Printer print management solution. It doesn’t take a financial whiz to know that’s the kind of return that would make any investor proud.

It makes sense, then, that this large-enterprise banking company would rate Printer enthusiastically. In terms of printer driver management, ease of deployment, speed of deployment and ease of use, it gave Printer an unqualified “amazing” across the board. When it came to printing security, Kyocera Printer Technical Support Phone Number earned a “great.”

One company representative said, “Users are not afraid of printing any more”—all thanks to Printer. So ROI is one thing, but conquering users frustration and apprehension toward enterprise printing? You might say that’s priceless.

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