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The Lexmark printer becoming offline and unavailable for printing is a commonly occurring issue in most Lexmark printers, especially those that are connected to a network. It can occur quite unexpectedly and prevent you from taking printouts. This issue can still occur even if you have kept the Lexmark printer on and ready to print. The device will go offline, which prevents communication between your Lexmark Printer Support Number and computer. Several trivial issues such as loose cables or a paper jam can also cause your Lexmark printer to go offline.

Such a Lexmark printer offline or printer driver is unavailable issue is also attributed to other serious problems like a driver error. However, you can easily diagnose the problem by checking some basics related to connectivity, and then going for the software and drivers to determine the problem. The following are some effective ways to resolve a Lexmark printer offline issue, and re-establish normal printing.

Rechecking the Connections
Mostly, a simple connectivity issue with the USB cable that links your Lexmark printer to the computer can cause your Lexmark printer to become offline. You first need to recheck such connections. Remove the USB or Ethernet cable from the ports of the Lexmark printer and computer, and insert it back again properly.

You can also switch the Lexmark printer USB to another port on your computer to check whether the Lexmark printer is back online. Also, check if a faulty cable caused the problem, by connecting a working USB or Ethernet cable between the Lexmark printer and your computer.

Manually setting it Online
Lexmark Printer Problems In Windows
Common Printer Issues

You can also restore your Lexmark printer and make it online by manually setting it so that your computer recognizes it. If you are using a Windows computer, click on the Start button and then open the Control Panel. In it, click on Devices and Lexmark Printers, which will display the connected Lexmark printers on your computer. Right-click on the Lexmark printer that is experiencing the issue, and click on the See what’s printing option.

Then, right-click on the menu and select the Lexmark Printer option appearing at the top left of the window. Click on the Use Lexmark Printer Online from the drop-down menu to manually enable your Lexmark printer. You can also cancel the pending print jobs by selecting Cancel All Documents from the menu and then manually bring the Lexmark printer online.

Reinstalling the Lexmark Printer
Another way to bring your Lexmark Printer Technical Support Phone Number online is by removing and then again reinstalling the Lexmark printer. For this, you need to choose Devices and Lexmark Printers from the control panel. Select the Remove device option in the drop-down menu by right clicking on the Lexmark printer having the issue. After that, add the Lexmark printer again into your computer by clicking on the Add a Printer option in Devices and Lexmark Printers and following the onscreen instructions.

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