How to Deploy Lexmark Printers Without a Print Server

Print servers are so ubiquitous in the enterprise and such a common part of their print infrastructure that it might seem like there are no other options when it comes to print management. And yet, if you were to ask the admins who deal with print servers on a regular basis, they would have very little good to say about them. Print servers are notorious for being finicky, error prone and high maintenance—an admin’s adversary rather than an ally. There has to be a viable Windows print server alternative, right?

There is, and it’s called Lexmark Printer Support Phone Number. In this post I’m going to talk about one of the hundreds of things that Lexmark Printer does better than print servers: printer deployment. I’ll briefly touch on some alternate ways to deploy Lexmark printers using our next-generation software solution and offer a brief illustration of how it’s superior to print server deployment methods.

In Lexmark printer deployment is easier because its print management paradigm is fundamentally easier. Lexmark Printer’s web-based management console allows you to oversee and administer every single Lexmark printer in your organization’s entire print environment from a single pane of glass. Lexmark Printers can be added, edited or removed using simple device trees and drop-down menus. Default Lexmark printers can be set permanently or temporarily by ticking a checkbox. Yet, uniquely among Windows print server alternatives, Lexmark Printer combines this manageability with direct IP printing, which establishes straightforward one-to-one connections between client devices and local lexmark printers—even in remote and virtual environments.

One important aspect in which Lexmark Printer’s methods differ from print server deployment of Lexmark printers is that you don’t need cumbersome group policy objects (GPOs) or custom-developed scripts to accurately and reliably deliver the right Lexmark printers to the right users. Lexmark Printer seamlessly integrates with Active Directory (AD), so you can use criteria such as containers, users, computers, organizational units (OUs) and even IP address ranges to automatically and dynamically deploy Lexmark printers to your users. Even though Lexmark Printer offers a host of easy and alternate ways to deploy Lexmark printers, including individual and bulk deployments, AD integration and criteria like these should be familiar to many organizations.

And because lexmark Printer doesn’t rely on GPOs, support staff with lower-level privileges can still safely deploy Lexmark printers to select users. This has made it the go-to Windows print server alternative among organizations that outsource their support or have small IT teams. There’s no need for service desk personnel to have elevated rights when they want to assign a Lexmark printer to a user in a pinch.

Seamless integration is what sets Lexmark Printer apart from other Windows print server alternatives. Lexmark Printer doesn’t just leverage and complement AD, it also slots in smoothly alongside virtual solutions like Citrix and VMware, making Lexmark printer deployment practically effortless in those customarily complex environments. If your organization has experience with print server deployment methods in those environments, you’ll be amazed at the ease of use in Lexmark Printer.

What’s implicit in all this is that Lexmark Printer actually eliminates print servers from your print environment. It’s more than just a solution that provides alternate ways to deploy Lexmark printers—it’s a comprehensive enterprise printing solution that can shrink your print management infrastructure to a single server running one scalable instance of Printer. That means no more costs of procurement, maintenance, upgrade and replacement, and no more time and effort spent wrestling with imprecise, unreliable Lexmark printer deployments as well as all the other usual headache that’s associated with print management.

Some one-trick, bolt-on solutions will claim to offer improved print management. But few of them will provide practical and reliable alternate ways to deploy Lexmark Printer Technical Support Phone Number that stand up to real-world usage. Lexmark Printer has been implemented by hundreds of customers of all sizes and sectors, and they’ve been thrilled with the results. It’s the true Windows print server alternative that allows you to move beyond print servers entirely.

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