How to Configure and Connect Ricoh Wireless Printer?

Ricoh wireless printer can give you the best options to connect with computer, laptop or other portable devices like smartphone and tablets wirelessly. Once you have conned your device with Ricoh wireless printer you can take out prints at one-click but to enjoy this facility you need to configure and connect Ricoh wireless printer with right settings.

To know how to configure and connect  Ricoh Printer Support Phone Number for you can follow the steps given below. The guidelines are suggested by the experts helpful in configuring and connecting Ricoh wireless printers.

Steps to Connect Ricoh Wireless Printer:

Step1: Click on Start button and go to Programs.

Step2: Now choose “Ricoh Printers” and ten “Ricoh Printer Home”.

Step3: Here you need to access “Settings” and then select:” Wireless Setup Utility”.

Step4: Now select the “Ricoh” under the name of the company.

Step5: Now choose the Wi-Fi name and enter a password if required.

Step6: Here you need to Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step7: Now Click OK>>Continue to enable the Ricoh software to access the wireless network.

Step8: Remove the USB cable when asked to do so on your computer screen.

Step9: Now you are ready to use your Ricoh Wireless printer on your Desktop.

You can follow the same process for every device you want to connect to your  Ricoh Printer Tech Support Phone Number network. But make sure it shares the same network as the printer you are using and also make sure you follow the strong security measures and keep your wireless network secured. However, if you need any kind of help, just dial Ricoh printer support number +1-888-597-3962, and get online assistance by experts to configure and connect  Ricoh Printer Technical Support Number or solve wireless connectivity related various other issues with your Ricoh printer.

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