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When it comes to gadgets Canon is known to be one of the best and most trusted companies. Their products are value for money and they have achieved several happy users worldwide. The company’s main products are the desktops, laptops, and Canon Printer Support Phone Number. Apart from this they also have a few other gadgets. Canon Printers are used for both commercials as well as domestic purpose. All their Canon Printers are compact in shape and stylish in design and worth for whatever they are charged. You can find all the high-end features at reasonable prices. But after a period of time, every machine starts to get weird. For Canon users the most common problem that they face is the paper getting jammed, ink not printing anything, something getting misprinted, ink getting used too much, color leak, and also in some case updating problems. But all of this is temporary and can be managed very well without any problem. Even if you encounter an issue where you are unable to tackle it then Canon Printer customer Service team will always be there for your help.

So in this blog, we are going to talk specifically about one problem and that is the Canon Printer not printing with black ink. Although in a Canon Printer you can get a black printout as well as a colored one at times you might find problems with the black and white printing. Here is the solution to this problem:

First, check all the settings in the Canon Printer as well as the desktop with which you have connected it. Also, keep in mind that the calibration of the Canon Printer should be done right after you have loaded the cartridge.

Clean the printing heads and the cartridge and the scanner to eliminate any kind of blocking. It also smoothens the flow of the ink.

Sometimes this problem can also arise when the parts of the Canon Printer get weird out. So do check if that is the case.

Also for an assurance, you can check the ink in the cartridge that is it up to the mark or not. And for making things better try cleaning the print heads of the Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number.

If none of the above-mentioned ways help you then obviously you have the Canon Printer Technical Support number. They will help you at any hour of the day, so do get assistance.

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