6 Easy Ways to Fix Xerox Printer Not Printing Problem

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Xerox is an eminent brand known for the manufacturing of printers, computer, and laptops. People believe in the quality of these company products. But glitches does not come with the invitation, they can arise any time with the passage of time or usage. Taking Xerox Printer Support Phone Number into account, these the first choice of most of the users but they become a boredom when start to misbehave. What can be worse than a printer that does not print? Obviously nothing. Users often get confused about what to do in such cases! But you can do the Xerox printer troubleshooting to fix the issue with the simple steps.

How to Fix Xerox Printer not Printing?
1. Check if you are using original cartridges
It is very important to use the original cartridges for your Xerox Printer Tech Support Phone Number. You must make sure that the brand name ‘Xerox’ is labeled on the cartridge.

2. See if the packing tape has been removed
First of all, turn the printer on and gently lift the cartridge cover, look for any blue color packing tape. If it is there then remove it immediately to let the cartridge do the printing.

3. Look for the installation of Cartridges
You must ensure that the placement of cartridges is done in the right place. The black color ones must be on left and the colored one should be in the right compartment.

4. Set printer preferences to use all available ink
Sometimes printer does not print when the ink remains to the lower level. You can edit the settings –
• Go to Devices and Printers
• Right-click to open the options menu
• Click on Printing preference and choose ‘Print all available ink’

5. Perform a soft reset of Xerox printer
• Turn off the printer and then disconnect the cables
• Wait for a while and then reconnect the cables
• Turn on the Xerox printer and take a test print

6. Update the printer drivers
Compare the latest version of driver released and check if it is the same as yours. If not then you must update the drivers.

In case of any confusion or if your printer still, not Xerox Printer Technical Support Number you must connect with the technical representatives available at Xerox customer care.

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