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Xerox Printer offline windows 10
Xerox Printers are well-known as multi-tasking Xerox Printers available in the market. Xerox Printers have functions of printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Its multifaceted use has made its mark in the market as it can do the job of many tasks together. company have always brought the best technology Xerox Printer Support Phone Number in the market and they are well-known for their stability and constant improvements as well as customer support if your Xerox Printer not printing

Dial our Xerox Printer Support Number +1-888-597-3962 for Help
company is always on the lookout for their customers. Their customer service is always happy to help their customers and hence brings out the best in their Xerox Printer machines by taking regular feedback from the customers. Regardless of these things, any Xerox Printer machine requires a good monitoring and maintenance. All the Xerox Printers do face technical problem after some period and hence one needs to be well prepared to handle such issues on their own.

Xerox Printers can function in any operating system and they can print documents in both online and offline mode. What is the easier way to fix a Xerox Printer if it turns offline and you are in urgent need to print a document in a Windows 10 PC? Or the Xerox Printer shows offline in Windows 10? If you are confident enough to go through the hassle of fixing the issue yourself then follow the below steps to resolve the issue-:

Step1: Check the connection of the Xerox Printer. Check if it is connected to the computer or not and then check whether its wire is connected properly in the USB port.

Step 2: Then you should check whether your network cable is well connected and doesn’t have any issue. If a network adapter is not working properly then it can show the Xerox Printer offline.

Step 3: Next step is to check Xerox Printer settings to see that if the Xerox Printer is compatible with your windows 10 operating system. Otherwise, change your Xerox Printer settings on the computer.

Step 4: Update your Xerox Printer driver. Sometimes expired Xerox Printer driver gives technical problems while using the Xerox Printer. An updated Xerox Printer Technical Support Phone Number driver may resolve the issue.

Step 5: Lastly, check the spooler of the Xerox Printer to see if the Xerox Printer is working properly.

Above given are the basic issues that can be solved while using the Xerox Printer. If the problem persists then it is advisable for you to contact the Xerox Printer Tech Support Number from the official webpage of Xerox Printers.

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