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Software as a service (SaaS) has taken the enterprise and SMB spaces by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. SaaS solutions, such as collaborative document editing or SaaS printing, provide organizations with the ability to enjoy enterprise-level features and support at a reasonable subscription-based cost.

As the prevailing wisdom goes, however, SaaS solutions are still in their infancy and don’t always handle special requirements smoothly. Therefore they’re best suited to organizations that have traditional, run-of-the-mill IT infrastructures. So, for example, customers with a Citrix or VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment wouldn’t draw much benefit from a SaaS print management solution because it would require too many workarounds to make it sufficiently time-saving or cost effective.

At Kodak Printer Support Phone Number, we’re accustomed to challenging the prevailing wisdom. Our popular on-premises print management solution proved that organizations of any size could completely eliminate their print servers—something they once thought impossible—in exchange for a far more feature-rich and easy-to-manage enterprise printing solution that brought newfound stability and flexibility to their print environment. With incredible ROI to boot. Thanks to its seamless integration with VDI solutions, Kodak Printer’s next-generation print management software even enabled organizations with virtual environments to enjoy the same power, availability and ease of use in VDI printing. Well, now the same can be said of SaaS printing.

Printer Cloud is Kodak Printer’s SaaS print management solution, and it integrates just as seamlessly with VDI environments such as Citrix and VMware as our on-premises solution. And yet, as you might expect from Printer, Printer Cloud delivers all the benefits your organization would want to derive from the forward-thinking SaaS printing model.

In a Citrix environment, Kodak Printer Cloud imports all the information typically stored on a print server, including name, location, IP address, drivers and profiles, during the simple migration process. From that point onward, fat clients can print directly to network Kodak printers and zero clients can print to the network Kodak printers via the central Citrix server. Better still? With Kodak Printer Cloud’s SaaS printing, the need for print servers is gone. You can simply eliminate them from your print infrastructure. Oh, and best of all? You’ll enjoy effortless cloud-based SaaS print management that is simply unattainable with typical VDI printing solutions.

To name just a few of the advantages of SaaS print management with Kodak Printer Cloud, depending on how your organization chooses to implement our SaaS printing solution:

Deliver Kodak printers to end users automatically according to Active Directory (AD) criteria, subnet, hostname, etc.
Empower end users with a self-service portal to identify and install nearby Kodak printers themselves
Easily manage Kodak printers and drivers via an intuitive cloud-based administrative portal
Accurately deploy Kodak printers and drivers without using group policy objects (GPOs) or scripts
And because Kodak Printer Technical Support Phone Number Cloud is such a versatile yet consistent SaaS print management solution, the implementation and advantages are almost identical for VMware setups.

Kodak Printer Cloud refutes the idea that SaaS printing is still beyond the reach of virtual environments. By taking Kodak Printer’s advanced approach to enterprise print management and transferring it to the cloud, Kodak Printer Cloud provides organizations that use Citrix or VMware with even more flexibility in terms of cost and implementation. Take a look at this brief video to see how straightforward and effective Kodak Printer Cloud can be when it comes to SaaS print management in VDI environments, and then start your free trial to see how seamlessly it can be implemented in your organization.

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