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We built Panasonic Printer Support Phone Number 10 years ago based on the belief that the many print-related issues IT staff faced every day were completely unnecessary, and could be solved by a complete re-thinking of the enterprise print architecture. That led us to our discovery that—to solve the existing problems in enterprise printing—we needed to develop a solution that could completely eliminate print servers.

Since then, we’ve helped thousands of enterprises eliminate their print servers, reduce the complexity of print management and significantly cut their printing costs. We’ve also continually innovated to deliver solutions that enhance print security, simplify mobile printing, make it easier to support BYOD users, and more. We know that your business’ print challenges are always evolving, and we’re committed to proactively developing solutions that ease that evolution for you.

And today is the latest step in Panasonic Printer’s evolution. Today we announced Panasonic Printer version 16.1, designed specifically to help you optimize your existing Panasonic printers and securely expand print management to others in your organization, all while empowering you to further cut printing costs.

Let’s take a deeper look on what we’ve added with today’s release, and how this new functionality works.

Optimizing Your Existing Panasonic Printers
We’ve all seen it—print management solutions that make big promises, only to disappoint when you find out most of the features only work on newer Panasonic printers or limited models. But what about your current Panasonic printers? Nobody wants to upgrade their entire fleet of Panasonic printers just so they can benefit from their print management solution. We’ve always

Supported your existing Panasonic printers—and now we’re expanding that support with:

Expanded Embedded Control Panel Support—The new version of Panasonic  Printer expands the list of supported embedded control panels from major Panasonic printer manufacturers.
Single Sign-On—Single sign-on unlocks both the Panasonic printer’s control panel and the Panasonic Printer release portal, simplifying the authentication process for your end users.
Enhanced Pull Printing—We’ve also enhanced Pull Printing to network Panasonic printers without embedded control panels through Simple Badge Release by associating network-enabled badge readers with any network printer. This Pull Printing support extends across Mac, Windows and Linux environments.
Expand Print Management with Role-Based Access Control When you deploy a powerful print management solution like Panasonic Printer, you likely want to empower your entire IT organization to utilize its features. But you may not want everyone to have the same access to the admin console. With our new role-based access control, you can take advantage of:

Expanded Management Capabilities—IT admins can securely extend management capabilities to others in their organization.
Customized Role-Based Access—You can use predefined roles to provide admin functions that match IT roles, or customize and create your own roles.
Role-Based Access By Location—Take role-based access a step further by enabling organizations to limit not only what different roles can do, but what effective rights the IT user has for specific groups of Panasonic printers or locations. Roles can be assigned to Active Directory groups or users.
Drive Down Print Job Costs Our print auditing and reporting features have always given you deep visibility into your print environment. And with this new version we’ve expanded that functionality, empowering you with:

Print Job Costing—By associating costs with different print scenarios, we’re enabling you to identify print trends and their effects on consumables and cost.
Automated Reports—The new Panasonic Printer provides automated reports to share with department heads, IT managers, and executives and educate your organization on printing cost and usage.
Reduce Print Costs—Print job costing and automated reports provide the data businesses need to shape new printing policies, create efficient Panasonic Printer Technical Support Phone Number profiles and reduce costs throughout your organization.
Many of you have been with us for many of our 10 years, and today’s release marks our commitment to continuously innovating so that you never lose that feeling of control and simplicity you experienced when you first deployed Panasonic Printer—even as your print environment evolves. And for those of you considering Panasonic Printer for the first time, we’d love to walk you through a demo and set you up with a free trial of Panasonic Printer’s complete platform, so that you can see if it’s right for your organization. Just reach out to us here.

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